Toku Saké - Junmai Daiginjo

16% ABV | 72cl


Toku Saké is a super premium saké brewed in Asahikawa, Japan’s coldest city in Japan’s coldest prefecture, Hokkaido.

Created, bottled, shipped and enjoyed in the cold, Toku is a new experience in saké.

Toku Junmai Daiginjo is the brand’s debut release and features Yamada Nishiki rice, the best quality rice with which to make saké, polished to 35%, koji and spring water from Hokkaido’s Daisetsuzan mountain range.

Toku is fermented in the region’s freezing conditions, resulting in the highest quality of saké available, boasting unparalleled flavours and aromas.

Toku is made using time-honoured techniques, developed over 120 years, by one of the region’s oldest breweries.

Toku consulted some of the UK’s leading sommeliers before developing its unique dual labels. Designed to be used interchangeably; the labels reflect the dichotomy of Japanese culture – which seamlessly represents both the modern and the traditional.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Delicate, inviting aromas of honeydew melon and peach complemented by creamier notes of baked apples, fresh bread and slow-cooked plums.

Palate: Light, but wonderfully silken with a round mid-palate. Nuanced Ginjo flavours that segue into a chalky palate reminiscent of Grand Cru Champagne.

Finish: The finish is sumptuously long. Well-balanced acidity gives way to gentle spice, whilst subtle yet developed umami provides structure and weight. Medium body with a persistent finish.